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Club Activities

Bridge Seminar on Defense

These days we all want to get smarter faster. Six or eight week classes are good, if you have that amount of time to commit.  If not, try a bridge seminar. These one day educational opportunities were really encouraged at the National Teacher Conference in Toronto this summer. MaryAnn is … Read the rest

August Points at BBB

Build Better Bridge wants its players to win lots of points. We make sure we hold loads of special games to give you that opportunity. The Wednesday club, alone, gave away over twice as many points as any daytime club.  BBB held six (the maximum allowed) NAP games in the … Read the rest

Opportunities to Improve Your Game!

Missing a day of bridge this week? You can make it up, in spades! Wednesday night there will be a free lesson before the game at Country Inn and Suites. It will be on declarer play in a suit contract, featuring the cards-on-the-table interactive approach. It will be a two-part

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Answers for Class on Redoubles

Answers for Lesson on Redoubling

Given April 5 at BBB and April 10 at Noelridge Church

  1. Your partner has opened 1♣ and RHO made a TO double. You have: ♠ KJ1087 ♥ 4 ♦ A103 ♣ Q976

            Bid a forcing one spade. Otherwise your opponents will start bidding hearts and Read the rest

The Common Game

The Common Game

So some snowbirds come back and are eager to show me The Common Game on their I-phone. I had heard about it and even played in it once in Florida. I decided Build Better Bridge needed to be the only club in Iowa that participated in this … Read the rest