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September Master Points at BBB

These are the Wednesday night point awards for Build Better Bridge. We give more! Red points, too.

Oct 1, 2017                     Masterpoint race                     Page 1


Total    Red  Black


1     5.33   0.23   5.10  James Boardman

2     4.07   1.02   3.05  Allethina Harker

3     3.63   0.23   3.40  Jack Falat

4     3.63   0.23   … Read the rest

Giving Back Through Bridge

Unit 163 is allowed four unit charity games per year. In previous years these were underutilized. This year our special events coordinator made sure that all four were applied for and granted sanctions.

Two were used for the Awards Banquet in late February. The other two are coming up in … Read the rest

Bridge Seminar on Defense

These days we all want to get smarter faster. Six or eight week classes are good, if you have that amount of time to commit.  If not, try a bridge seminar. These one day educational opportunities were really encouraged at the National Teacher Conference in Toronto this summer. MaryAnn is … Read the rest

July Points Won at BBB

Congratulations to Jack Falat! Notice all the red points won. That’s because we pay extra to run the NAP games. These games are some of the few games that you can win red at the club level.


Total    Red  Black


1     4.89   1.32   3.57  Jack Falat

2     4.47   … Read the rest

Points Won on Sunday Afternoon

Hey, I finally got my son to post the points won at his club, Bridging the Gap. He gives more points, too. Same $6 fee, but more points awarded. Red points, too. What a deal!

Jul 5, 2017                    June Masterpoint race


Total    Red  Black

1     6.30   1.93   4.37  Paul … Read the rest

June Points from BBB: We give more!

More points are won at BBB than the day clubs. Why? Because we give you more special games at the same low price.  Wow! Over 100 masterpoints this month! We give more!

Jul 3, 2017                     Masterpoint race                     Page 1


Total    Red  Black


1     6.04   1.06   4.98  Mike Rowray… Read the rest

Party on Monday!

The second President’s Challenge Party was held on Monday, June 26, in Cedar Rapids. This was to celebrate the success of the Under 500 tournament held on June 10-11. That tournament needed 33 tables to meet the challenge of a 10% increase over the last three years. It had 35 … Read the rest

Long Day, But Success!

Jack Murphy sold a bunch of raffle tickets. Jim Boardman is announcing the winner, Mona Bertrand.

(Click any  image  for a slide show. )

Over fifty people attended The Longest Day Fund Raiser at Build Better Bridge on June 21. Sixteen of those took the name quite literally and were … Read the rest