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July Points Won at BBB

Congratulations to Jack Falat! Notice all the red points won. That’s because we pay extra to run the NAP games. These games are some of the few games that you can win red at the club level.


Total    Red  Black


1     4.89   1.32   3.57  Jack Falat

2     4.47   … Read the rest

Points Won on Sunday Afternoon

Hey, I finally got my son to post the points won at his club, Bridging the Gap. He gives more points, too. Same $6 fee, but more points awarded. Red points, too. What a deal!

Jul 5, 2017                    June Masterpoint race


Total    Red  Black

1     6.30   1.93   4.37  Paul … Read the rest

June Points from BBB: We give more!

More points are won at BBB than the day clubs. Why? Because we give you more special games at the same low price.  Wow! Over 100 masterpoints this month! We give more!

Jul 3, 2017                     Masterpoint race                     Page 1


Total    Red  Black


1     6.04   1.06   4.98  Mike Rowray… Read the rest

Points Won at BBB in May

BBB continues to hold special games so that you can win more points. We continue to try to be the “giving-est club.” We give more to charity. We give more points. We give more learning opportunities. Give us a try!

1     5.20  Mike Rowray

2     4.56  James Boardman

3     4.52  … Read the rest

Master Points Won at BBB in April

I showed the red points as well as the black points won at BBB this month. Because the GNT games award half red/half black, it was a great opportunity to win red points at your club and pay club price. You will have more opportunities in June, July, and August. … Read the rest

Marion Club Masterpoints March 2017

1 3.75 Marion Engel
2 3.68 Alan Langenfeld
3 2.98 Dave Boland
4 2.56 Gisela Gunderson
5 2.28 Diane Roush
6 1.91 Barbara Skogman
7 1.87 Keith Sutherland
8 1.75 Bruno Rinas
9 1.62 Nancy Sutherland
10 1.50 M Rowray
11 1.42 Wilda Gerks
12 1.40 Gregory Slager
13 1.39 … Read the rest

Over 100 Master Points Given Out at BBB in March!

More special games means more points. And March was a very special month. Look at all the points our players won!

Mar 31, 2017                     Masterpoint race


1     8.85  James Boardman

2     8.49  Gregory Slager

3     8.03  Dennis Cordle

4     7.54  Jim Boardman Jr

5     6.23  Thomas Flanders

6     5.49  … Read the rest