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Long Day, But Success!

Jack Murphy sold a bunch of raffle tickets. Jim Boardman is announcing the winner, Mona Bertrand.

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Over fifty people attended The Longest Day Fund Raiser at Build Better Bridge on June 21. Sixteen of those took the name quite literally and were there all day, some from 8 AM til 10:30 PM.

The day started with bagels provided by Paneras and The Klein’s (Nancy talked them into half price and donated the cost). From 9-11 social players kept four tables filled. Many did not know each other and were mixed and matched with each other and some Longest Day helpers as well. At 11, The Boardman’s donated Subway sandwiches to go along with the Alzheimer Lunch and Learn. A speaker from Alzheimer’s came with two volunteers effected by the disease. Mary has Alzheimer’s and told her story with her care-giver husband giving his perspective. It was inspiring as well as educational. There were 35 in the audience and many eyes were watering.

Social bridge players; Nancy Klein, Jim Boardman, Paul Klein and Dick Fredicks.

Jack Murphy, Charlene Boardman and Jan Hinrichs waiting for the social bridge to begin.

Alzheimer’s Presenters at the Lunch and Learn.

These four played all day! From Left Bob Algoe, Cindy Brennaman, Darla Algoe, and Dawn Smith.

The point-enhanced duplicate games were at 12:30 and 6:30. Each had 8 tables. Many came for just one of the games. A few die-hards played all day. Results can be found at the CR bridge web site.

Throughout the day Jan Hinrichs collected free-will donations and wrote receipts. Jack Murphy was the raffle ticket salesman, complete with hat and a great sales pitch. Mona Bertrand won the $80 in restaurant cards.

Second session players: Keith Sutherland, Phil Cummins, Nancy Sutherland, and Karen Cummins.

Presentation by Alzheimer’s over lunch.

Thursday, MaryAnn turned in nearly $1000 in proceeds from the donations and raffle tickets. Six dollars out of each eight dollar entry fee will be donated to Alzheimer’s but that will need to go through the ACBL. With the pre-donations, that should make almost $2000 raised for the cause. You still have time to donate online and push us over the 2000 mark. Probably only the pre-donations will show up now. Others are being processed.

Thanks to committee members: Jan and Duane Hinrichs, Paul and Nancy Klein, Connie Hellenthal, Jack Murphy, Jim and MaryAnn Boardman, and Ashok and Purnima Chawla for all their work for this benefit. Not only did this group plan, recruit, and organize, but they kept everyone supplied with munchies for the whole long day. What a tremendous day!

Afternoon Results.         Evening Results

Managing Image Collections

It is not all that easy to manage precise image placement in a post.  Recall that the images have to fit in the theme width assigned to posts.  Also, there are three versions of the theme based on viewing device, and images will shift position when constrained by viewing space.  To get a sense of this, view your post in a non-maximized browser window and adjust the browser window width.

Positioned with “Float Left”

As a starting strategy, simply insert all the images one after another.  Select each image in turn and select the far left emblem for positioning on all of them.  The example at left illustrates positioning.  This selection assigns “Float Left” positioning, which does two things:  It pushes the image to the left of the available space, and it allows other images or text to wrap to the right.

Link Setting (Although illustrating left alignment, this image is centered.)

While you are at it, if you would like to have a slideshow, you have to modify every image involved.  Click the pencil icon and change the “Link To” setting to “Media File”.  All the images with this setting will participate in the slideshow.  You needn’t set the link address; it is automatic.

Here is a small mystery that occurred in this post, which was begun by cloning another existing post.  Evidently, the two new illustrations above automatically inherited the “link to media file” setting of the four people images below.  It was necessary to remove this property in order to take them out of the slideshow.  This might not have occurred if this post had been created from scratch.  Addendum:  When I later added the “Clear-Float Button” image, it inherited the same “link to media file” property, which I did not bother to remove.  This suggests to me that, if you want a slideshow, you should add the appropriate property to the first image you insert before adding the other images.

Click any player image below for an example of a slide show.  These four images are floated left and are linked to “Media File,” as described above.

If you are creating a long, narrative post with interspersed images, you might consider scattering the images and using both “float left” and “float right” positioning for variety.  See the red heart images further below.  It is recommended that these interspersed images are kept small, say about 170 pixels wide.

As originally written this article did not address a frequent problem with using a group of successive floated images.  That is, text tends to sneak into the spaces between pictures.  This makes sense because floating an image permits other objects, including text, to wrap around it.  The problem is illustrated below.

Winners Paul and Nancy Klein in second session Saturday.

These four, Kathy Breen, Lu, Sam Shen and Mark Gifford won both team games on Sunday.

Lin and Mark Settle with Sam and Lu.

Dick Lamb with out of town guests.

Here is some text above clear-float.

Here is some text below clear-float.

One solution is to remove the floated positioning by centering the last image in a collection like the four people images above.  This tends to leave a lot of wasted white space.  The text will then begin below the centered image.   This works because “floating” is kind of a sticky property, and something has to happen to remove it.   As an example, the image of the “Link Setting…” is centered, and text does not, therefore, wrap around it.

Floated Left

Floated Right

A better solution now is offered.  A button called “Clear Float” has been added to the editor.   When you are positioned at the place where you intend to enter text, click the button and it will break the tendency to wrap around images.  The Dick Lamb image above is floated left.  This caused subsequent text to float also, wrapping around the image, but the Clear Float button was used to end the text floating after only one sentence.

Suppose you purposely float an image to the left of some text, and the text looks good wrapping around the image.  The only thing that bothers you is that you start a new paragraph and one sentence begins beside the image and the rest of the paragraph resumes below it.  You think this is ugly, so you use Clear Float before the new paragraph to force it to begin below the image instead of beside it.


 The heart images above actually were entered one after another and then came the text about “A better solution…”  That text wedged itself between the two floated images even though it came after them.  Now, this paragraph illustrates a slightly different scenario.  The “player” image is floated left, then some text is added, then a player image is floated right, then some more text is added.  Finally, after this sentence, is a clear-float.

Clear-Float Button

A different problem I frequently encounter is trying to insert text after an image that is at the end of the page.  Beware the small blue mark where you place the cursor after the image.  This means you are about to create a link.  Use the right arrow on your keyboard to get past the blue mark.  If you get desperate, switch to the Text editor and type a few letters at the bottom of the page and then switch back to the Visual editor before you mess something up.

One way to avoid the issue is to enter some text — perhaps a few spaces — as a place holder for more text yet to come.  Do this before inserting the image you are adding.  Insert it before those spaces.

In summary, as a simple beginning strategy, insert all the images you want one after another.  Float them all left.  Position the cursor after all the images preparatory to inserting some text.  Click the Clear Float button, and then start typing your text.

Successful Under 500 Tournament in Cedar Rapids

On June 10-11, Unit 163 had an Under 500 tournament at the Country Inn and Suites.  There were 35 tables for the two day tournament. Many communities were represented including Unit 163 communities of Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Quad Cities, Waterloo, and Dubuque. In addition there were players from Minnesota, Missouri, and Illinois. Many participants took advantage of the free lessons by MaryAnn. Local players, Marion Engel, Jack Falat, Gary Edwards and MaryAnn, had a panel discussion between sessions on Saturday. Bill Kent did a great job directing. It was a wonderful opportunity for players to earn silver points and compete with peers.


MaryAnn Shaughnessy and Jo Bouslog were winners in the first session Saturday.

Saturday Morning Pairs Results

Saturday Afternoon Pairs Results

Sunday Morning Swiss Team Results

Sunday Afternoon Swiss Team Results

Click any image for a slide show.

Winners Paul and Nancy Klein in second session Saturday.

These four, Kathy Breen, Lu, Sam Shen and Mark Gifford won both team games on Sunday.

Lin and Mark Settle with Sam and Lu.

Dick Lamb with out of town guests.

Jackpot Bridge on Wednesday Night!

Ok, here’s something new and different: BBB is adding: Jackpot Night. The last game of the month will be a Jackpot game. Much better than playing the lottery. Here is how it works: For every table in the month the management will put $1 in the jackpot. So if the  games in June have 7 tables, 5 tables and 6 tables, 5 tables, there will be $23 in the jackpot to win on the last Wednesday. How do you win? You have a game with no zero’s or halves. Nobody meets that criteria? Then the jackpot grows for the next month. The jackpot game is always the last Wednesday of the month. You don’t want to miss that one! We hope to grow some big jackpots and give some lucky player a nice sum of money. Come on out and have even more fun!

Points Won at BBB in May

BBB continues to hold special games so that you can win more points. We continue to try to be the “giving-est club.” We give more to charity. We give more points. We give more learning opportunities. Give us a try!

1     5.20  Mike Rowray

2     4.56  James Boardman

3     4.52  Mary Ann Boardman

4     4.23  Wyn Seeley

5     3.97  Gregory Slager

6     3.80  Robert Otto

7     3.80  Thomas Flanders

8     2.96  Jack Murphy

9     2.88  Eli Jolley

10     2.73  Dennis Cordle

11     2.19  Richard Bailie

12     1.84  Jack Falat

13     1.73  Alan Langenfeld

14     1.73  Robert Buckheister

15     1.64  Melissa Heston

16     1.64  Bonnie Stettler

17     1.31  Michael Roush

18     1.21  Allethina Harker

19     0.98  Karen Cummins

20     0.98  Phillip Cummins

21     0.43  Nancy Klein

22     0.43  Paul Klein


Design Correction for “Bold” Problem in Announcements

An esoteric problem was experienced with the “Announcements” widget block: Where the announcements are displayed in the footer, the text color is automatically inverted to white because the background is dark.  However, for text that was bolded, the color failed to invert and the text could not be seen in the footer.

The cause of this was that the <strong> html tag use for bolding was specified as dark at all times in the main css file of the theme.  To counter this, the following was added to the  css file in order to change the bold text color to white whenever it appears in the footer area:

.footer strong {
font-weight: bold;

This fix did not work immediately on the local computer, using Chrome;  it was found to be necessary to clear the browser cache.  Evidently refreshing a page doesn’t necessarily refresh the associated CSS file.  Therefore, this correction may not appear immediately for all customers.

If the Empo theme is updated this change will need to be installed again.

Opportunities to Improve Your Game!

Missing a day of bridge this week? You can make it up, in spades! Wednesday night there will be a free lesson before the game at Country Inn and Suites. It will be on declarer play in a suit contract, featuring the cards-on-the-table interactive approach. It will be a two-part lesson to be continued on June 7. Both games are point-enhanced special games and June 7 is a party, too. Dick Lamb recently made Life Master and we are honoring him on June 7. Too much good stuff to miss: two free lessons, special games with no extra charge, and a party.

Lessons start at 5:45 and game starts at 6:30. Both are at the Country Inn and Suites, airport exit.

Don’t forget the June 10-11 Under 500 tournament, too. There will be free lessons there, too. In fact that tournament is loaded with perks, lessons, expert panel discussion, trophies, hand records, door prizes, free snacks throughout the tournament and a free meal between sessions on Sunday. If you want to improve your game and play against people below 500 points, this is the place for you! It is at the Country Inn and Suites, as well. If you sign up by e-mail before the tournament your name will be placed in a prize raffle. too. We are trying to pamper our intermediate players!

The Longest Day: Play Bridge for Alzheimer’s

The Longest Day

The Longest Day is June 21, 2017. It is an event honoring the strength, passion and endurance of those affected by Alzheimer’s disease. This is the third year that Cedar Rapids Bridge has hosted this event. Bridge and a fund raiser for Alzheimer’s are natural match since research indicates that playing mentally challenging games such as bridge may help keep the brain healthy. The idea is to have a marathon day of bridge in support of the Alzheimer Association.

Local clubs can hold games in a new location and at a separate time from their normal games. Cedar Rapids plans to have duplicate sanctioned games on June 21, one at 12:30 and one at 6:30. The games will be worth extra master points. Players may participate in one or both. The event will be at Country Inn and Suites, 1-380 airport exit, in Cedar Rapids. In addition, we are having a day-long (from 9 AM to 10:30 PM) celebration of bridge. We are inviting party and duplicate bridge players to come and play all day. The 9:00-11:00 time slot is particularly geared for the social bridge players. At 11:00 we will have guest speakers from Alzheimer’s. It will be a lunch and learn with sandwiches from Subway.

The ACBL has lots of fundraising ideas for us. They suggest we organize teams and raise money by asking friends, relatives, and even corporations to sponsor us. I have contributed to enough of my grandchildren’s functions that I plan to ask them to contribute to Grandma and Grandpa’s Marathon Bridge Day. I’m not sure how much money they will send, but I think they will get a good laugh out of it. The cost for the duplicate games will be $8 minimum for each game (nearly all of which will go the Alzheimer’s Association). You might have sponsors who help you contribute more or you can just contribute a bit more for a great cause. The drop-in players and people who just want more information will be asked for a free will donation.

So plan to invite all those bridge players you know who play in non-duplicate clubs and let’s get the word out. We’d love to have people playing bridge all day. Drop-ins are welcome, but clubs may want to come as a group, too. I bet you know people who have expressed an interest or curiosity in bridge, too. Encourage them to come, get freebies and learn all about our favorite game. And remember, your family and friends who do not play bridge can also be a part of this event by contributing to the cause.

You can donate at this web site:

Working together, we can make this a fun event, promote bridge, and donate to a great cause. What a winning combination!

For further information, please contact: 319 540 4206

MaryAnn Boardman

Master Points Won at BBB in April

I showed the red points as well as the black points won at BBB this month. Because the GNT games award half red/half black, it was a great opportunity to win red points at your club and pay club price. You will have more opportunities in June, July, and August. We will have two NAP (North American Pairs) games and they will award red points as well. We have lots of special point enhanced games but never charge extra. What a deal for our players!

Here are the totals for April:

Total    Red  Black

1     5.72   1.28   4.44  Mary Ann Boardman

2     4.54   0.96   3.58  Richard Bailie

3     4.24   0.96   3.28  Martha Bailie

4     3.78   1.28   2.50  Elizabeth Gotlund

5     3.78   1.28   2.50  Eric McKee

6     3.66   0.96   2.70  Robert Otto

7     3.66   0.96   2.70  Thomas Flanders

8     3.59   0.72   2.87  Jack Murphy

9     2.67   0.72   1.95  Bonnie Stettler

10     2.55   1.28   1.27  Scott Spitze

11     2.46   0.15   2.31  Mike Rowray

12     2.34   0.08   2.26  Robert Buckheister

13     2.33          2.33  Sally Meixner

14     2.33          2.33  Karen Langenfeld

15     2.06   0.27   1.79  Jack Falat

16     1.64          1.64  Kathy Edwards

17     1.64          1.64  Gary Edwards

18     1.53          1.53  Richard Goings

19     1.51   0.27   1.24  Jim Boardman Jr

20     1.43   0.23   1.20  Michael Roush

21     1.43   0.72   0.71  Melissa Heston

22     1.43   0.72   0.71  Allethina Harker

23     1.31          1.31  Roger Johanson

24     1.31          1.31  Judy Vopava

25     1.24          1.24  Yu-Diann Lu

26     0.98          0.98  Paul Hazzard

27     0.75   0.23   0.52  Dennis Cordle

28     0.53   0.27   0.26  Jan Hinrichs

29     0.53   0.27   0.26  Duane Hinrichs

30     0.45   0.23   0.22  Pat Thomas

31     0.45   0.23   0.22  John Morano

32     0.30   0.15   0.15  Karen Cummins

33     0.30   0.15   0.15  James Boardman

34     0.30   0.15   0.15  Phillip Cummins

35     0.15   0.08   0.07  Alan Langenfeld

36     0.15   0.08   0.07  Gary Haddy

37     0.15   0.08   0.07  Bruno Rinas


Total Masterpoints reported:    69.22



Players selected: 37 out of 488