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Bridge Seminar by MaryAnn

Bridge Seminar

Don’t be taken advantage of in the bidding! Get in there and compete. This four hour seminar will help you know when to compete and how to compete. It will cover take out doubles, overcalls and responses to both. You will learn the best systems to compete over a NT opener. You will learn when to balance and which auctions are dangerous to enter. We will tackle the hardest of all, how to compete over preempts.

This intermediate class will be held at Country Inn and Suites, airport exit off I-380, Cedar Rapids. It will be from 12:00 to 4:00 on January 19, 2018. You will get a booklet of learning materials and hand records. We will play lots of hands to practice.

Sign up with a partner or as a single. $30 each or $50 for a pair. Snacks and coffee provided.

Sign up by January 5 by calling or e-mailing MaryAnn Boardman 319 540 4206

Make a New Year’s Resolution to improve your bridge game and take this class to meet that objective!