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Build Better Bridge is Taking a Vacation

Build Better Bridge is Taking a Vacation

Build Better Bridge is having three special games in December and then taking a long winter nap. The first Wednesday (Dec. 6) will be a STaC game.  STaC stands for sectional tournament at club. You win silver points at this game. No one else in Cedar Rapids holds these games. They are expensive to run but offer loads of points if you place overall in the district. You play at club price for tournament silver points and tournament experience. You will be competing with players across district 14.

The second and third games on December 13 and 20 will both be point-enhanced pair games. You can win bigger point awards at the low price of $6.

There will be no game December 27 and for the months of January and February. We are traveling in February and those months tend to be our “down” months, anyway. We are leaving the option of reopening in March, but do not have definite plans at this point.

Wednesday night games are played at the Country Inn and Suites at the airport exit. They start at 6:30. Lessons have been discontinued.  We still offer guaranteed partner, great snacks and drinks, hand records, the Common Game experience, and a friendly environment.  Contact MaryAnn at 319 540 4206 or  We welcome suggestions for what we can do even better if we decide to reopen in March.