CR Bridge

Club Activities

Big Schedule Changes

The Sunday afternoon game is being discontinued after November 5.  There will be two more 5:00 games, on October 29 and November 5.  The game on Sunday, October 29, is a point-enhanced game.   The Wednesday games will continue to be offered in November.

There will be free supervised-play classes before both of these two remaining Sunday games, from 3:15 to 4:45 pm.  These are stand-alone extensions of the class on defense held by MaryAnn on October 14.  You need not have attended previous classes in order to benefit.

Sunday, October 29,  will be a point-enhanced game. Anyone who comes to the supervised play and chooses to stay for the duplicate game can play for half price.

Wednesday, November 1, will be a point-enhanced game, preceded by a free lesson. The lesson starts at 5:45.  It will be on two kinds of doubles, responsive and maximal. The lesson will present the simplified version that is bound to improve your bidding without messing with your other doubles.  It will be the last free lesson offered on Wednesday evening.