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Cedar Rapids Summer Sectional Broke Records!

The Cedar Rapids Summer Sectional broke records for any Cedar Rapids tournament over the last 15 years. (that’s as far back as I have records). We had 124 1/2 tables in play. It was amazing! We had loads of out of towners who flocked to this popular tournament. Thank you to all who attended!

Last fall, the unit 163 board president issued a “President’s Challenge” to any 2017 tournament increasing the tournament attendance by 10% of the average of the last three years. We have had four tournaments miss the mark, even decreasing in attendance. The March Hills Tournament was the first to make the challenge. That earned them a party at the club of the chair’s choice. The second success was the Under 300 tournament in June. A party was held at the Cedar Rapids Monday club for that success. The Cedar Rapids Summer Sectional has been increasing in attendance every year and needed over 122 tables to make the challenge goal. We did it! The party to celebrate this success will be August 30 at Build Better Bridge. Come help us celebrate!