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Jackpot Bridge on Wednesday Night!

Ok, here’s something new and different: BBB is adding: Jackpot Night. The last game of the month will be a Jackpot game. Much better than playing the lottery. Here is how it works: For every table in the month the management will put $1 in the jackpot. So if the  games in June have 7 tables, 5 tables and 6 tables, 5 tables, there will be $23 in the jackpot to win on the last Wednesday. How do you win? You have a game with no zero’s or halves. Nobody meets that criteria? Then the jackpot grows for the next month. The jackpot game is always the last Wednesday of the month.* You don’t want to miss that one! We hope to grow some big jackpots and give some lucky player a nice sum of money. Come on out and have even more fun!

Starting on October 4, Jackpot Night will be the first Wednesday of each month, due to special team games scheduled for the last Wednesday. The Jackpot has not been won since it started building in June. It is over $80 now and may be close to $100 by October 4.