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Design Correction for “Bold” Problem in Announcements

An esoteric problem was experienced with the “Announcements” widget block: Where the announcements are displayed in the footer, the text color is automatically inverted to white because the background is dark.  However, for text that was bolded, the color failed to invert and the text could not be seen in the footer.

The cause of this was that the <strong> html tag use for bolding was specified as dark at all times in the main css file of the theme.  To counter this, the following was added to the  css file in order to change the bold text color to white whenever it appears in the footer area:

.footer strong {
font-weight: bold;

This fix did not work immediately on the local computer, using Chrome;  it was found to be necessary to clear the browser cache.  Evidently refreshing a page doesn’t necessarily refresh the associated CSS file.  Therefore, this correction may not appear immediately for all customers.

If the Empo theme is updated this change will need to be installed again.