CR Bridge

Club Activities

Opportunities to Improve Your Game!

Missing a day of bridge this week? You can make it up, in spades! Wednesday night there will be a free lesson before the game at Country Inn and Suites. It will be on declarer play in a suit contract, featuring the cards-on-the-table interactive approach. It will be a two-part lesson to be continued on June 7. Both games are point-enhanced special games and June 7 is a party, too. Dick Lamb recently made Life Master and we are honoring him on June 7. Too much good stuff to miss: two free lessons, special games with no extra charge, and a party.

Lessons start at 5:45 and game starts at 6:30. Both are at the Country Inn and Suites, airport exit.

Don’t forget the June 10-11 Under 500 tournament, too. There will be free lessons there, too. In fact that tournament is loaded with perks, lessons, expert panel discussion, trophies, hand records, door prizes, free snacks throughout the tournament and a free meal between sessions on Sunday. If you want to improve your game and play against people below 500 points, this is the place for you! It is at the Country Inn and Suites, as well. If you sign up by e-mail before the tournament your name will be placed in a prize raffle. too. We are trying to pamper our intermediate players!