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The Longest Day: Play Bridge for Alzheimer’s

The Longest Day

The Longest Day is June 21, 2017. It is an event honoring the strength, passion and endurance of those affected by Alzheimer’s disease. This is the third year that Cedar Rapids Bridge has hosted this event. Bridge and a fund raiser for Alzheimer’s are natural match since research indicates that playing mentally challenging games such as bridge may help keep the brain healthy. The idea is to have a marathon day of bridge in support of the Alzheimer Association.

Local clubs can hold games in a new location and at a separate time from their normal games. Cedar Rapids plans to have duplicate sanctioned games on June 21, one at 12:30 and one at 6:30. The games will be worth extra master points. Players may participate in one or both. The event will be at Country Inn and Suites, 1-380 airport exit, in Cedar Rapids. In addition, we are having a day-long (from 9 AM to 10:30 PM) celebration of bridge. We are inviting party and duplicate bridge players to come and play all day. The 9:00-11:00 time slot is particularly geared for the social bridge players. At 11:00 we will have guest speakers from Alzheimer’s. It will be a lunch and learn with sandwiches from Subway.

The ACBL has lots of fundraising ideas for us. They suggest we organize teams and raise money by asking friends, relatives, and even corporations to sponsor us. I have contributed to enough of my grandchildren’s functions that I plan to ask them to contribute to Grandma and Grandpa’s Marathon Bridge Day. I’m not sure how much money they will send, but I think they will get a good laugh out of it. The cost for the duplicate games will be $8 minimum for each game (nearly all of which will go the Alzheimer’s Association). You might have sponsors who help you contribute more or you can just contribute a bit more for a great cause. The drop-in players and people who just want more information will be asked for a free will donation.

So plan to invite all those bridge players you know who play in non-duplicate clubs and let’s get the word out. We’d love to have people playing bridge all day. Drop-ins are welcome, but clubs may want to come as a group, too. I bet you know people who have expressed an interest or curiosity in bridge, too. Encourage them to come, get freebies and learn all about our favorite game. And remember, your family and friends who do not play bridge can also be a part of this event by contributing to the cause.

You can donate at this web site:

Working together, we can make this a fun event, promote bridge, and donate to a great cause. What a winning combination!

For further information, please contact: maryann 319 540 4206

MaryAnn Boardman