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Build Better Bridge: Ten Reasons to Play

We try hard at Build Better Bridge to do just that, build better bridge. Here are the 10 reasons to play at this club:

Ten Best Reasons to Play at Build Better Bridge

  1. We use hand records. They are a great learning tool.
  2. The scores are posted promptly, before we go to bed Wednesday night. If there are errors found, let us know. They are easy to change. Scores are easy to access and read, too!
  3. We use The Common Game. That means we are playing the same hands that they play all over the US. We are the only club in Iowa to offer this. There is expert analysis on about half the hands played.
  4. We have a mentor program. Twenty-six participated last summer.
  5. We have a convenient playing site with great free snacks and drinks.
  6. We give free lessons twice a month. Education is a priority. Lessons, hand records, the mentor program, and The Common Game help you become a better player.
  7. We guarantee a partner. And we have a cadre of competent directors to help you understand and enjoy the game.
  8. We give out more master points and a free game (and accolades) to anyone making a milestone. There were over 100 master points awarded in March, 2017!
  9. We give more to charity. We have special charity games. We had a food drive. We have a special meal/deal for Multiple Myeloma in October each year. We will raise funds for The Longest Day in June.
  10. We are a zero tolerance club. We encourage friendliness and are not afraid to warn or penalize misbehavior.

The amazing thing about these 10 great reasons is that they are unique. No one else does so much! Not in all of unit 163! We try harder to serve the needs of bridge players in Unit 163.

Wednesday game is 6:30 at The Country Inn and Suites at the airport exit.  Lessons are the first and last Wednesday each month at 5:45